10 companies using Artificial Intelligence in fascinating ways | Analytics Steps (2023)

Did you know the fascinating ways various popular companies these days are employing technology to make the whole user process more convenient for their customers?

One such technology that is taking the world by storm and is being effortlessly adopted by many corporations is of course, Artificial Intelligence (AI). This intriguing technology offers a massive range of applications across various industries. From reaching out to customers to helping enhance their operations, businesses across sectors have exposed themselves to AI.

In our previous blog on Artificial Intelligence, we’ve already talked about how this technology has seeped its path into our daily lives in ways that we may not even realize. Every time we perform everyday actions such as doing a Google search or booking a trip on an online portal, getting a product recommendation from Amazon, or opening our Facebook newsfeed, AI is always shrouded in the background, its powerful presence subtle yet absolute.

While I’m definitely not referring to the level of power that AI seems to hold in movies or television series like Blade Runner or Westworld, the reference here is primarily to the AI technologies which have been propelling much of our voice and non-voice based interaction with machines, in other words, you could call it the machine learning phase of the Digital Age.

As popular tech giants and acclaimed firms like Apple, Google and Tesla introduce path breaking updates and transformations in how the society operates and converses with machine learning technology, plenty of us still remain perplexed on how AI is being adopted by big and small companies in our present world.

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Below are a handful of popular firms that have been deploying Artificial Intelligence in fascinating ways!

1. Twitter

Since 2017, Twitter has been employing artificial intelligence and natural language processing to assess a sea of tweets per second and gauge what tweets each of its users would find most relevant and interesting.

Upon being condemned over not taking action to put a stop to the hate tweets on its platform, Twitter has employed AI to cope with the issue. The technology is also being employed for adopting algorithms to flag any racist or extremist content on its platform by sifting through the massive quantity of tweets posted every day. Yet another subtle way that twitter is employing AI is by using this technology to allow its users to crop photos. The platform adopts neural networks for detecting the most compelling portion of a photo for displaying on the thumbnail.


Netflix is one tech giant that has put Artificial Intelligence and data at the heart of its operations. The company employs carefully developed AI algorithms to recommend new content to its users. The personalized content feed that we see every time we open the platform is created by filtering through a massive volume of data and adopting AI. Artificial intelligence is also used by Netflix to auto generate personalized thumbnails for its users.

Yet another area where Netflix employs AI is in its optimized streaming. Netflix is even employing Artificial Intelligence during the pre-production of its original shows and movies, for instance by scanning the availability of prospective actors and their locations to scout out the perfect area for the shoot. You can learn further about this topic with one of our previous blogs.

3. Google

Google’s employment of AI is related to its interest in Deep Learning, where artificial neural networks simulate the way the human brain processes data. It all began with the Google Brain project in 2011, which was a neural network developed for image recognition. Google also makes excellent use of AI through its Google Assistant which enables both voice as well as text entry, making use of natural language processing. It facilitates various services, from voice commands, voice searching, voice-activated device control to translating in real-time, etc.

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Across Google services, deep learning has been employed in everything from natural language processing to offering user recommendations in the case of YouTube. Its open-source TensorFlow machine learning programming platform allows users to create their own neural network solutions. AI is also driving Google’s self-driving car endeavors, adding deep learning algorithms into its autonomous vehicles.

4. Uber

Uber employs AI for detecting frauds, evaluating risks, during safety processes, for marketing spend and allocation, for pairing drivers and riders, optimizing the route as well as in various remaining parts of its application.

10 companies using Artificial Intelligence in fascinating ways | Analytics Steps (1)

Uber Areas where Uber uses Artificial Intelligence

Having over a million customers, Uber is highly devoted to its customer service. The customers seeking help or support are required to be connected to the most relevant agents in the department, a task which is carried out flawlessly by AI.

AI also assists its agents with appropriate responses for customer inquiries, making this an aspect where Uber has shown over 10% enhancement in efficiency as well as simultaneous leaps in customer satisfaction.

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5. Amazon

AI is at the heart of some of Amazon’s most popular efforts.The most important aspect where AI has been incorporated by Amazon is Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant which employs natural language processing as well as machine learning for handling user queries and executing actions such as ordering products or managing smart home devices.

When it comes to Amazon Go convenience stores, machine vision as well as algorithms helps in tracking when customers select items for making purchases in the absence of human cashiers. Amazon’s product recommendation technology which makes the platform distinguished for all its users interprets user purchases for suggesting items which customers might prefer to buy in the future.


Apple has always remained devoted to AI in its operations, making it convenient for developers to design apps which could tackle machine learning in case of Apple devices. By using Core ML, developers gain access to machine learning tools to perform common tasks which include image recognition. In 2018, Apple introduced Create ML, a toolkit that makes it possible for developers to learn the basics of how to build machine learning models.

As the iPhone X was introduced, Apple added a neural engine to its A11 processor to accelerate AI-specific tasks. Combined with developer tools, new and experienced developers alike can conveniently build applications that take full benefit of machine learning capabilities as well as AI-focused hardware.

Yet another area where Apple makes excellent employment of Artificial Intelligence is in case of its virtual assistant Siri that uses voice queries as well as a natural language user interface (UI) for functioning and which can make calls, send text messages, respond to questions, and offer recommendations. It entrusts requests to several Internet services. Siri can adapt to the users’ language, searches, as well as preferences.

7. Tesla

In the case of Artificial Intelligence, Tesla has leveraged it to focus on mainly 2 areas: All electric propulsion and autonomous driving. Through its self generated AI chips the firm aims to ensure that the cars are able to navigate through not only the freeways but also through local streets as well as traffic signals.

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The Tesla system consists of two AI chips in order to support it for better road performance. Each of the AI chips makes a separate assessment of the traffic situation for guiding the car accordingly. The assessment of both chips is then matched by the system and followed if the input from both is the same. You can further knowledge on this topic via our previous blog.

8. Pandora

Pandora's A.I. is one of the most remarkable techs which exists in the present world. It is often christened by the firm as their musical DNA. Stationed on over 400 musical attributes, every song is initially manually interpreted via a professional musician team on the basis of this criteria, and so far the system holds a remarkable track record for suggesting underrated songs which would normally get overlooked but that people innately adore.

9. Facebook

Facebook employsmachine learning for interpreting and making predictions about the interest of the users. By assessing the likes of the user, their friend’s likes as well as location data, Facebook uses the information for deciding the content which it feels its user will enjoy through features like Facebook Watch. These prediction capabilities can also be employed for predicting other future behavior such as the products which a user could purchase, which in turn gets bestowed upon advertisers.

Facebook also uses AI technology to enable image recognition to help identify the faces in a photo, so it can prompt the user to tag it. The company is highly devoted to this technology since photos have extreme prominence for the platform.

10. Cogito

Cogito employs AI for enhancing the emotional relationship with customers in sales and customer service calls. The firm adopts AI for making interaction more empathetic than humans could do alone.

The Cogito software interprets a conversation in real-time, facilitating clues and prompts over the ongoings, which could be either a speaker holding for too long or cutting too much or not making delays in response. The application also facilitates color-based warnings as well as updates. The software assesses hundreds of indications to gauge the emotional quality of the interaction.

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These are just a handful of examples. Apart from these companies, there’s plenty of others like these that have employed Artificial Intelligence in intriguing and appealing ways. With AI having placed its influence powerfully and dominantly in the present world it's an undeniable fact that this technology has been impacting human lives as well as the society in a plethora of ways.

While this threatens the role of humans in various traditional occupations, it also opens up a whole new avenue of opportunities that has the scope of rising in the near future. However as the technology grows in prominence, factors like convenience, speed, accuracy, assurance as well as experience are always required to be considered.You can also follow us onFacebook,Twitter, andLinkedIn.


Which company is using artificial intelligence? ›

Google – Machine Learning Algorithm

Google can use AI to make the results more accurate for each user, which provides a better use experience. Google has always been focused on providing the best result for each user.

What are the 4 powerful examples of artificial intelligence? ›

Artificial Intelligence Examples
  • Manufacturing robots.
  • Self-driving cars.
  • Smart assistants.
  • Healthcare management.
  • Automated financial investing.
  • Virtual travel booking agent.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Marketing chatbots.
17 Aug 2022

What are the 4 steps of the AI process? ›

Four Steps to an AI Strategy for Your Business
  • Start with the right problems.
  • Define the business outcomes.
  • Collect and organize your data.
  • Choose the right technology.

What AI does Amazon use? ›

Alexa-based voice shopping

Amazon is one of the first companies to foray into ML with the AI bot Alexa. The voice-powered virtual assistant, for instance, allows customers to find and purchase products on mobile and walk through the checkout with voice prompts instead of clicking or tapping on the screen.

Who is the biggest AI company? ›

1 - Amazon Web Services

A leader in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers both consumer and business-oriented AI products and services, and many of its professional AI services build on the AI services available in consumer products.

How many companies are using AI? ›

37% of businesses and organizations employ AI. Nine out of ten leading businesses have investments in AI technologies, but less than 15% deploy AI capabilities in their work. The rise of AI will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million new ones by 2025.

What is artificial intelligence with examples? ›

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.

What is the most common type of AI used today? ›

Limited memory AI learns from the past and builds experiential knowledge by observing actions or data. This type of AI uses historical, observational data in combination with pre-programmed information to make predictions and perform complex classification tasks. It is the most widely-used kind of AI today.

Where is artificial intelligence used today? ›

Where Is AI Used? These artificial intelligence examples merely scratch the surface of the volume of applications of AI today. The technology is currently deployed in numerous sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, finance, health care, education, and urban planning.

Is Alexa artificial intelligence? ›

Alexa and Siri, Amazon and Apple's digital voice assistants, are much more than a convenient tool—they are very real applications of artificial intelligence that is increasingly integral to our daily life.

What is the first step in artificial intelligence? ›

So, number 1 on your getting started with AI to-do list is: VISION. This means that you should know what you want AI to do. It's a very general concept at this stage.

What is artificial intelligence and steps to solve problems in AI? ›

In computer science, problem-solving refers to artificial intelligence techniques, including various techniques such as forming efficient algorithms, heuristics, and performing root cause analysis to find desirable solutions. The basic crux of artificial intelligence is to solve problems just like humans.

What are the steps of AI project cycle? ›

The AI life cycle involves various stages, from data collection, data analysis, feature engineering and algorithm selection to model building, tuning, testing, deployment, management, monitoring and feedback loops for continuous improvement.

How does Netflix use AI? ›

Netflix AI generates thumbnails by annotating and ranking hundreds of frames taken from a preexisting movie or TV program to determine which thumbnails are most likely to prompt a click from users.

How does Google use AI? ›

The biggest way search engines use AI is to rank webpages, videos, and other content in search results. Google (and other search engines) rely on complex AI to determine how content gets ranked.

How does Apple use artificial intelligence? ›

Apple was one of the first smartphones to allow users to unlock their iPhones by just looking at them. In an update that took iPhone users by a storm, Apple leveraged AI-based image detection and computer vision technology to enable image detection phone unlocking.

What is the best AI in 2022? ›

The Top AI Software in 2022
  • Software #1: Viso Suite Platform.
  • Software #2: Content DNA Platform.
  • Software #3: Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Software #4: Google Cloud AI Platform.
  • Software #5: Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • Software #6: Infosys Nia.
  • Software #7: Salesforce Einstein.
  • Software #8: Chorus.ai.

How does Facebook use artificial intelligence? ›

Facebook's AI software analyzes photos, stories, and videos users have previously interacted with, then gathers up some initial recommendations. That list is whittled down further by filtering out misinformation, policy violations, and spam.

What is an AI company? ›

An AI company integrates artificial intelligence solutions to improve services ranging from natural language processing (NLP), chatbot development, machine learning (ML), algorithms, hardware infrastructure, data science and more.

How many companies are using AI? ›

37% of businesses and organizations employ AI. Nine out of ten leading businesses have investments in AI technologies, but less than 15% deploy AI capabilities in their work. The rise of AI will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million new ones by 2025.

Does Google use AI? ›

Since 2015, when Google introduced its first AI into search named RankBrain, Google has continued to deploy AI systems to better understand language and thus improve the search results Google presents to its searches.

Does Apple use AI? ›

Apple has driven novel advancements in AI chips, and the company runs new technological innovations on the products. For example, the A13 Bionic chipset understands the world around them using AI algorithms.

Is Tesla an AI company? ›

We develop and deploy autonomy at scale in vehicles, robots and more. We believe that an approach based on advanced AI for vision and planning, supported by efficient use of inference hardware, is the only way to achieve a general solution for full self-driving and beyond.


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