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What Is Clinic Management Software?

Clinic management software is a bundled practice and information management system for clinics and other similar healthcare facilities. This will help to automate the clinic systemsuch asclinic billing, patient EMR management, MIS reporting, appointment scheduling, front desk and more. With clinic patient management software, healthcare centres can computerize manual operations and maintain digital copies of patient records (electronic medical records or EMR).

Modules ofClinic Management Software

68 Best Clinic Management Software in 2023: Pricing, Reviews & Demo | TechJockey.com (1)ClinicBilling Solution

With the clinic, medical billing software module digitizes the process and automates a lot of redundancies. From the moment a patient walks in and until he/she walks out, the clinic management system software maps their activities including services rendered, tests were done & doctors visited.

The best clinic software then tabulates these services and calculates the final bill for the patient to pay. The patient billing module opens up a lot of your employee’s time. Automated billing processes minimize the need for manual intervention in every step. Additionally, clinic billing software doubles down as an accounting solution, as clinics can use it to perform bookkeeping and audits. And don’t worry about tax laws – all popular clinic billing software in India are GST-compliant.

EMR Management System

Arguably the most important module of medical software, EMR management takes care of all records throughout a patient's lifecycle, right from appointment booking to the moment they walk in, all the way to final disposal of the record. Using clinic EMR management software India, detailed patient records containing treatment history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, patient progress, and medications, can be maintained with complete ease.

Top clinic software’s EMR management module completely negates the need to maintain physical copies of records, saving physical space and stationery costs in the process.

Reporting System

Sitting on excel and manually creating reports is one of the most boring and frustrating things to do. Thankfully, digital clinic management systemcan generate reports without needing any manual inputs. Using the power of automation, the reporting module of best clinic software in India can be programmed to pull data from different places and compile it into a fully functional report. No more sitting for hours in front of Excel and rage typing reports, medical software for doctors will do that for you.

Patient Management Solution

From the minute a patient walks through your clinic door and registers at the front-desk up until they leave, the patient management module manages the entirety of a patient’s lifecycle. The patient management module of top clinic management software can be used to store details of diagnosis & medicinal information and, perform CRM.

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Besides the data collected at the front desk, the top clinic software also makes a record of the doctor’s prognosis, medicine is given and additional information if any. These records are then stored by the EMR management module. When a patient is done with his/her visit, the information stored in the patient management module is transferred to the patient billing module, which generates invoices accordingly.

Clinic Appointment & Scheduling System

With the top digital clinic management system software, making patient appointments is made easy. When a patient calls to make an appointment, the details are fed into the clinic management system by the front-desk staff. Those details are then shared with the concerned doctor. This lets doctors map out their day and set enough time to attend every patient’s needs.

Clinic Front Desk Management System

Details of every patient who walks into your clinic have to be noted for record and audit purposes. The front desk management module manages the entirety of patient registration. Best clinic software can be used to store information of a patient such as a name, address, emergency contact, prior medical history, any allergies. The front desk module also records appointments and conveys the same to the concerned doctor. Clinic software records all details, generates a unique patient ID and appoints a doctor to the patient.

Who needs Clinic Management Software?

Clinics of any kind- Ayurveda clinics, pediatric, dental, orthopedic, fertility, etc. can use clinic management software. Best clinic management software in India helps clinics and medical centers in effectively managing their patient records and improving overall operations.

These days, healthcare providers are taking it up a notch with the advent of multi-specialty clinics. Such clinics have a generally larger employee base, with multiple doctors and staff operating at the same time. Added to that are the business operational challenges that arise out of the multiple specialties present at the clinic. All of these makes it all the more important for such places to have a robust and functioning clinic management software.

Why Clinic Management Software Is Important for Doctor's?

Clinics big and small, need clinic EMR software. With a digital clinic management system, not only you improve daily healthcare operations but also simplify them to optimization. Everyday activities like patient invoice generation, report generation, appointment scheduling, and record maintenance, are performed by clinic software in India. It reduces the need for human intervention and decreases the possibility of errors caused by manual procedures.

There is more to be gained than just functional advantages from top clinic software. As your clinic expands and both staff and patient volume increases, you can scale up your medical billing software. Simply customize a healthcare software to your clinic needs and voila, you’re set. You can use the best clinic management software as an on-premise solution or on a cloud-based model. The cloud-based clinic management software is preferred by many because, in case of property damage caused by a myriad of reasons (earthquake, fire, flood, short-circuiting), your clinic’s data remains stored on a remote server securely. This ensures that your data isn’t lost, and you don’t have to start from scratch.

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These days, most clinic solutions are mobile-capable, so you can access your clinic’s data on a smartphone or tablet. This way, you can always access your patient records, billing, and accounting details even when you’re not inside your clinic.

Clinic Management Software Features

68 Best Clinic Management Software in 2023: Pricing, Reviews & Demo | TechJockey.com (2)Patient Management System

Most clinic management software in India comes with a patient portal for successful CRM. The patient portal can be used by, you guessed it, patients to access test results, prescriptions and invoices. It is a handy feature for clinics, as patients can simply log in and access their data, without having to call and bother the front-desk staff.

Automated Invoice Generation

Clinic management software can record all information pertaining to a patient’s visit and interaction with the doctor. The software can create invoices based on pharmaceutical prescriptions and services rendered to patients. All that a front-desk staff has to do, is tally that information to verify its authenticity and forward it to the patient for payment.

Prescription Management System

Online clinic software is also capable of performing prescription management. It can store prescription information, receive prescriptions made by doctors, send prescription information to patients and pharmacy, and forward billing details to the invoicing module. All of this, without any need for manual intervention.

Inventory Management Solution:

Even the smallest of clinics have some inventory to work with. The clinic inventory management feature provides employees with details of medical stock and supplies, their procurement information and reports related to stock. When the stock is running low, the clinic software reminds the user to place an order. Besides these, the inventory management module also helps in planning out the optimal use of your clinic’s storage space.

EMR and Clinical Data Management Software

Aside from patient EMR, the best clinic management software can also be used to maintain digital records of important documents of the clinic. Documents related to finance, supply, employees, audit, etc. can all be stored by the data management feature of the best clinic software.Using top clinic software in India, you don’t have to maintain a separate room containing stacks of documents for record-keeping.

Claims & Insurance

When patient billing is performed, insurance claims have to be kept in mind. The billing feature of clinic management software considers insurance claims while preparing invoices. This creates less hassle for both patients and employees, resulting in smiling faces all around.

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Discharge Summary

After a patient is done with his/her treatment, the ‘discharge summary’ feature of top clinic software automatically generates a compiled list of all the services rendered by the doctor, all medicines prescribed, and all the tests performed. This compiled list is given to the patient as a discharge summary, a record of their entire medical transaction and treatment history at the clinic.

Security Management System Solution

Maintaining a directory of your clinic’s data with clinic software is a cost-effective option. Popular clinic software also assists in keeping your data secure with built-in data security and encryption features. You can also keep a backup of your data, for safe-keeping.

Prescription Pad Format and E Prescription Writing

Download free prescription pad format in word and PDF from clinic management system software.

Advantages of Clinic Management Software

68 Best Clinic Management Software in 2023: Pricing, Reviews & Demo | TechJockey.com (3)Reduce Operating Cost

With clinic software, you get a mapped-out picture of your clinic expenses. You can use this information for evaluation and make financial decisions that help in decreasing your operating cost. Clinic software also removes the need for maintaining physical records, significantly removing the cost of buying stationary.

Simplify Patient Record Storage

Best clinicsoftware is responsible for patient record management, from its inception to disposal. Your clinic employees will no longer need to dig through years of physical records, as the EMR module will simplify archiving in a jiff.

Easier Patient Communication

Clinic management software helps you with generating instant bills and invoices, along with detailed patient records. You can use clinic software to send digital copies of bills and invoices to the patient with absolute ease. Besides these, you can also send promotional messages along with reminders of upcoming appointments.

Better Patient Management

From appointment scheduling to electronic record generation, any and all activities related to patient management are improved significantly using the best clinic software in India.

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Appointment Scheduling Simplified

The entire process of making an appointment is simplified with a clinic solution. When a patient makes an appointment, all that staff has to do is enter their details into the system along with their appointment details. Post this, doctors receive notification of upcoming appointments automatically, which they can use for planning their schedule.

Effective Inventory Planning

Clinic management software lets you manage your medical inventory and informs you of discrepancies in the same. Clinic software informs users of current pharmacy inventory management, stock, and equipment, along with supplies that need to be ordered.

Buy Clinic Management Software Online (Thing To Be Consider Before Buying)

If your hands are trembling in anticipation of buying a clinic management software, slow down. There are a few crucial things you need to consider before buying clinic management software: -

Identifying Your Need

Expectations of every medical practitioner and administrator are different from the clinic management software. So, it is of utmost importance that you identify your business needs in collaboration with your clinic staff and invest in the most suitable clinic software. Identifying your key requirements puts you in a better position to understand how a clinic management software benefits your practice.

Define Your Budget

Defining the budget is crucial before making any purchase, and the same logic applies to buy clinic management software in India. Having a set budget will help you in filtering from the dozens of clinic solutions available. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a clinic management solution that provides all essential features and modules to run your clinic profitable.

Clinic management system Demo

Before you purchase any clinic management system, enquire if the vendor company provides demos or offers the product on a trial basis. Demos/trial versions are a great way to familiarise yourself with the clinic software and to figure out if it’s suited to your clinic.

User Experience (UX) Matters

User experience (UX) is important functionality to lookout. A clinic software that provides modules with complex functionalities, will be problematic in the long run. Identify clinic management solutions with a clean and friendly interface, as they’ll be easier to learn and navigate.

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Top 10 Digital Clinic Management SystemCompanies List

  • Qmarksoft Clinic Management
  • Adroit eClinic Systems
  • Practo Atom Ray
  • Med-E-Nova Mini
  • T-CAS - Total Clinic Automation System
  • MocDoc Clinic Management System
  • Miracle EMR
  • Viva Clinic Management Software
  • Evision Clinic Management Software

Clinic Management Software Open Source

Some clinic practice software companies are allowed clinic management software free download full version for trial along with specific features. TechJockey offers to upgrade free clinic software with a discounted price in India.

    Author: Kalpana Arya


    What type of medical practice management software is best? ›

    athenahealth, ranked #1 by Best in KLAS in 2022 for two of our top-performing product solutions, athenaClinicals Ambulatory EHR and athenaIDX practice management, connects care with cloud-based services and mobile tools for medical groups and health systems, helping providers thrive through change and focus on patient ...

    What software do clinics use? ›

    Electronic Health Records (EHR) is probably the most popular and the most crucial type of healthcare software. EHR systems store patients' data: medical and family history, laboratory and other test results, prescribed medications history, and more.

    How much is practice management software? ›

    As a rule, you can expect the cost of mental health practice management software to range from $25 to $150 a month depending on which option you choose and how many providers you have.

    What is the difference between EMR and practice management system? ›

    No matter the exact practice structure, the electronic medical record (EMR) is the software that the clinical staff uses to document patient care within the practice. The practice management system (PMS) software is where the administrative staff will perform their daily tasks to support the practice.

    What are four basic types of medical practice management systems? ›

    • AdvancedMD: a complete suite of medical office software.
    • MDConnection: a customizable tool with a focus on billing.
    • PracticeSuite: a unified EHR and PM platform with a patient portal.
    • MicroMD PM: a robust solution with configurable and extendable functionality.
    • SimplePractice: an easy-to-use tool for private practices.
    Jul 15, 2022

    What is the most common medical billing software? ›

    Best Medical Billing Software
    • DrChrono. DrChrono is an integrated solution with customizable medical forms, claims management, e-prescribing and scheduling. ...
    • CureMD. ...
    • Kareo Billing. ...
    • CareCloud Central. ...
    • eClinicalWorks.

    How much does intelligent medical software cost? ›

    Pricing Details (Provided by Vendor): Intelligent Medical Software pricing starts at $199/month per provider.

    What is the most common ERP system used in the medical industry? ›

    SAP S/4 HANA is a popular healthcare ERP solution for large and growing healthcare organizations from hospitals to private healthcare companies and beyond. This Healthcare ERP solution is expandable with HRIS, CX and supply chain modules.

    How do you choose a practice management system? ›

    How to Select Practice Management System That Best Fits Your...
    1. Assemble a Practice Management System Team. ...
    2. Analyze Existing Functions to Determine the Level of Support Needed. ...
    3. Identify Key Deliverables and “Must Haves” ...
    4. Vet the Available Practice Management System Options.
    Feb 27, 2022

    Which is the software commonly used as CDM? ›

    Commonly used CDM tools are ORACLE CLINICAL, CLINTRIAL, MACRO, RAVE, and eClinical Suite. In terms of functionality, these software tools are more or less similar and there is no significant advantage of one system over the other.

    How do I choose a practice management program? ›

    What You Should Definitely Pay Attention to When Choosing a Practice Management Software
    1. Provide an excellent patient experience. Show patients what to expect before they arrive at your clinic. ...
    2. Retain patients and grow your practice. ...
    3. Store your confidential data securely.


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