Best Proxies For Minecraft (2023)

Here, we’ll show you the best proxies for Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game you’ll hear on the lips of many video game lovers. It’s an exciting game that has been around for almost a decade.

Best Type Of Proxy For Minecraft

For Minecraft, the best proxy that you can use is residential proxies. Moreover, residential proxies are the best proxy type for playing games in general.

This is because they are very reliable as their IP addresses are gotten from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They are real IP addresses that can be traced to a location.

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However, you should know that not all proxy providers out there are reliable. Residential proxies are usually expensive, so some persons opt for free proxies. Using free proxies for Minecraft is not recommended as they are not reliable.

You don’t need to break the bank to purchase a residential proxy. ProxyRack offers premium residential proxies at reliable rates.

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What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios and officially released in 2011. It is a sandbox video game and was written in Java. It is also one of the top-selling video games of all time, with about 120 million active users per month.

The original artists that came up with the game concept are Markus Toivonen and Jasper Boerstra. Early test versions were released in 2009, before the official release in 2011.

Microsoft bought Mojang along with Minecraft in 2014 at a sum of $2.5 million. Under Microsoft, several versions of the game have been released, including Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Story Mode.

Minecraft is available on multiple platforms. This includes Windows, Linus, OS X, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, etc. There are about 18 supported platforms in total.

Minecraft’s success can be attributed to the simplicity and yet interesting nature of the game. Players aim to discover craft tools and items, extract raw materials, build earthworks, structures, etc.

As a result, you can either play to create or play to survive. Furthermore, it supports multiple players so friends can play together; it is mainly played as a multiplayer game.

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Why Do You Need A Proxy For Minecraft?

Best Proxies For Minecraft (4)

Firstly, what is a proxy?

Simply put, a proxy is an intermediary between your internet-enabled device and the internet. It’s like a computer in between. When you send requests, it goes to the computer, and then the computer forwards to the website.

Your device is represented online with an IP address. This is what websites read to identify your location when you browse. Proxies feature their own IP addresses, not one, not two, but many.

The main reason why you’ll need a proxy for Minecraft is to mask your real IP address; in other words, change your location.

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For example, you could be in a school or organization where game playing is blocked. The administrations might target and block top games like Minecraft. With a proxy, you can switch your ‘internet location’ to access Minecraft.

Furthermore, there are some versions of Minecraft that aren’t released worldwide. An example is the Minecraft Earth version that was launched in some countries.

If it isn’t available in your country, you have to use a proxy with an IP address of a country where it is available.

Most game players like to hide their real identities while multi-playing. Most especially when they want to engage in contests for specific countries, a proxy can help you achieve this.


In conclusion, ProxyRack offers premium residential proxies at relatively cheap rates. They are the best proxies for Minecraft.

Find the perfect Proxy Product.

Proxyrack offers a multiple options to suit most use cases, if you are unsure our 3 Day Trial allows you to test them all.

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