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The UKG Promise

With over 70 years of expertise with BOTH people systems and systems of work, no one knows people and how they work better than UKG.

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Customer Experience

We think you’re pretty special when you’re a UKG Customer. That’s why we build products designed to inspire your people — and your organization — to grow and thrive.


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Customer Stories

With its full-suite UKG® solution, First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard is increasing efficiency, saving time and money, and improving the employee experience.

Eventide Senior Living Communities

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Eventide Senior Living Communities uses UKG solutions to engage staff and streamline workforce management and HCM, cutting PBJ reporting time by 99%.

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Collaborate, learn, and get support for your UKG solution!

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(Video) 9368573192 contact us thanks 😊👍


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