How VdS strengthened user productivity by modernizing business apps & communications (2023)

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How VdS strengthened user productivity by modernizing business apps & communications (1)

Modernizing business-critical apps and the company-wide intranet opened new ways to communicate and work together at VdS

Since 2015, VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH (VdS), a Germany-based company focused on fire and burglary protection, natural hazard prevention, and cyber security, has continuously modernized its company-wide intranet several times with the support of SoftwareOne. To provide all employees with access to optimal working conditions, modern tools and applications, VdS decided to proceed with further modernization of its intranet and selected business-critical applications by moving to the cloud with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft .NET.

To be successful on this journey, VdS needed help to implement M365 Power Platform and Teams services, and support to optimize work processes and create new communication options. With consolidation of its previous SharePoint environment in the cloud, VdS aimed to minimize costs and administration efforts. As a long-standing trusted advisor for VdS in the SharePoint environment, SoftwareOne was once again the partner of choice to support the move to the M365 cloud.

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In addition, VdS leveraged SoftwareOne’s Application Modernization Services to automate and streamline a critical analog application. The resulting “MyCertification” web application built by SoftwareOne simplifies the handling of certification applications for VdS customers while reducing time and costs for VdS.

How VdS strengthened user productivity by modernizing business apps & communications (2)

VdS Schadenverhütung

Modernization of the intranet and several business applications by migrating from SharePoint to SharePoint Online; Implementation of additional Microsoft 365 services such as Teams and Power Platform; SoftwareOne Application Modernization Services engaged to develop the “MyCertification” web application to improve processing of customer applications; Continuous operational support from SoftwareOne for all implemented Microsoft services


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We have been working successfully with SoftwareOne for many years. Its IT specialists convinced us to implement our company solutions in a constructive workflow. The switch to a modern cloud architecture fully met our expectations. We are very satisfied and look forward to future joint tasks.

Peter Vaskó
Head of IT Department, VdS Schadenverhütung

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About the client

VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH (VdS), and its 500 employees are headquartered in Cologne. Part of the German Insurance Association (GDV), VdS is globally renowned for corporate security, focusing on fire and burglary protection, natural hazard prevention, and cyber security. Its services include risk assessments, systems inspections, and certification of products, companies, specialists, and a wide range of educational services. Customers include industrial and commercial enterprises from all sectors, from leading international manufacturers and system houses to specialist companies, as well as banks and insurers.

The challenge

A close and trusting collaboration between SoftwareOne and VdS since 2015 has focused on SharePoint and SharePoint-related topics. These have included conceptualization, implementation, and long-term operational support.

Previous engagements helped VdS to modernize the company-wide intranet and several business applications based on Microsoft SharePoint and NINTEX (workflows and forms) technology. SoftwareOne advice, design, and professional services have helped VdS plan and implement extensive migrations of the SharePoint farm from versions 2010 through 2013 to 2016.

The insurance company’s strategy has always centered on the continuous development of modern technologies that meet new requirements and help it remain competitive in the market as an attractive employer. Several factors motivated VdS to move to the cloud to create conditions that continue to offer first-class customer service and optimal working conditions for VdS employees. A cloud move would bring significant scalability and high availability improvements while reducing ever-increasing costs and management overhead. Even with its continuous automation of manual work processes in a business-critical application, VdS had finally reached SharePoint technology limits.

As a result, VdS planned to gradually consolidate SharePoint, SQL, and NINTEX using Microsoft 365 cloud technology for Software-as-a-Service. The change would reduce expenses for VdS’ IT and create the best possible working environment by giving all employees access to high-performance applications and modern communication tools. In addition, VdS asked SoftwareOne to develop an individual web application to automate and simplify the time-consuming, analog processing, provision, and modification of specific customer applications.

How VdS strengthened user productivity by modernizing business apps & communications (3)How VdS strengthened user productivity by modernizing business apps & communications (4)
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The solution

As a trusted SharePoint advisor and Microsoft Gold Partner, SoftwareOne was the VdS’ choice to help move to the cloud. The collaboration delivered ongoing operational support, advice, conceptual design, and implementation.

Modernizing the intranet with Microsoft SharePoint Online & Teams

Migrating its SharePoint 2016 farm to SharePoint Online, VdS created a future-proof intranet for company-wide exchange with modern collaboration tools such as Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. All relevant content could be transferred to the new scalable environment, and the cost-intensive private cloud supporting the old SharePoint environment could be switched off. The collaborative M365 services are now used company-wide.

Improving business apps with Microsoft Power Platform

Individual business applications and portal solutions used in different VdS departments gradually moved from SharePoint 2016 to Microsoft 365. The specialist applications, mainly based on NINTEX technologies, were migrated with the Microsoft Power Platform. Utilizing cloud-based tools such as Power Automate and PowerApps, automated workflows and user-defined applications have been seamlessly integrated into the new IT environment, making them quickly available to VdS employees.

App development with Microsoft .NET

Previously, to receive product certifications, VdS customers had to submit applications on paper. These were manually transferred to other specialist applications such as SAP, SharePoint, or Active Directory.

This procedure was very time-consuming, resource-intensive, and error-prone. It was not transparent to customers, and an attempt to automate the process flow as a portal using SharePoint had not been sufficient. Processing certification renewals for customer products would ideally allow the holder to view, renew, or change online directly. However, with the 7,000 to 8,000 certifications VdS currently issues, SharePoint reached the limits of assigning sufficient user authorizations for both the customer interface and VdS.

To streamline this time-consuming and resource-intensive process, SoftwareOne's Application Modernization Servicesdeveloped the web-based app “MyCertification.” Based on Microsoft .NET it digitizes, simplifies, and transparently presents customer applications, replacing the previously analog processing. The change significantly reduces time required to manage the data and automates test procedures to ensure better data quality. For customers, the Microsoft .NET web application “MyCertification” can grant all required user authorizations and provide a complete overview of the status of their certifications, including an online application for changes or extensions. For VdS, the new application means reduced processing time, cost minimization, and improved customer-friendly service.

The result

  • Modernized intranet: VdS has converted from classic SharePoint and NINTEX technology to cloud-based Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint Online with powerful collaboration tools such as Teams and Power Platform. These provide VdS a scalable, highly available, robust, and future-proof IT environment and create conditions for a modern, user-friendly intranet as a company-wide communication and collaboration platform.
  • Empowered business apps: Several VdS departmental business applications were migrated from SharePoint to SharePoint Online and from NINTEX to the Microsoft Power Platform or Azure technologies such as Logic Apps, Azure Automation, and Azure Functions have enabled VdS to minimize costs from third-party providers. This enhances performance and significantly optimizes the availability of applications using cloud technology.
  • Reduced costs: The move to Microsoft 365 as Software-as-a-Service and the gradual reduction and consolidation of the SharePoint on-premises environment have substantially reduced unnecessary costs.
  • Improved productivity: Microsoft 365 services in the cloud optimize communication, work processes, and collaboration. The use of modern featured tools, regardless of time and location, improves the efficiency, productivity, and optimization of services for VdS customers and partners.
  • New web app “MyCertification” for customers: The development of the individual web application “MyCertification” by SoftwareOne enables VdS to process its customers' certification applications more quickly and in a more customer-friendly manner. Automation accelerates processing, and the web as an interface offers customers direct, quick, and easy access to their data, including full transparency of certifications status and a renewal option. SoftwareOne continuously maintains this solution.
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Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

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What are the benefits of smartphone communication? ›

The Advantages of Smartphone Technology
  • Instant Sharing. The ability to share information in seconds is what makes smartphones so popular. ...
  • Various Modes of Communication and Convenience. ...
  • Role as a Personal Assistant. ...
  • Ability to Sync with Other Devices.
Dec 19, 2022

What are the benefits and disadvantages of mobile technologies at work? ›

Let us just dive right in.
  • Easy Communication. The first and major advantage of mobile phone technology is the easy communication. ...
  • Capture the Precious Moments. ...
  • Promote Business. ...
  • Stay Entertained. ...
  • Educational Purposes. ...
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What is the benefit of mobile technology? ›

Advantages of mobile technology

higher efficiency and productivity of staff. better quality and flexibility of service you offer your customers. the ability to accept payments wirelessly. increased ability to communicate in and out of the workplace.

Why is mobile computing critical to the success of an organization now? ›

Answer and Explanation: Mobile computing provides organizations with the capability to perform work from any location and the flexibility to adapt to changing environments.

What are three benefits of using smartphones? ›

The Advantages Of Smartphones
  • Instant Communication. Smartphones have evolved from the earliest communication devices. ...
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They come in use for communicating through voice, messages, and mails. We can also surf the internet using a phone. Most importantly, we also click photos and record videos through our mobile's camera. The phones of this age are known as smartphones.

What are the positive effects of cellphone technology in the workplace? ›

More Direct Line of Communication

Cellphones help your clients feel important because your employees are easily accessible. Frustrated clients may become angrier when they are forced to navigate a phone system. When your employees have cellphones, clients can reach them quickly, allowing conflict to be resolved faster.

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Pros of technology
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Easy Communication

The main benefit of using the mobile phone is that they make the mode of communication easier and cheap. Because of the lower price, mobile is affordable and has been a revolution in the telecom industry where approximately 95% of people use mobile phones for communication.

Why is mobile communication important? ›

Mobile Communication is the use of technology that allows us to communicate with others in different locations without the use of any physical connection (wires or cables). Mobile communication makes our life easier, and it saves time and effort.

What are the five advantages of mobile? ›

Advantages of Cell Phones over Landline Number
  • Communication. Mobile phones have eased the communication between people. ...
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  • Entertainment. ...
  • Reminders, Alerts, and Notes. ...
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Jul 19, 2022

How does mobile technology increase productivity in the workplace? ›

Better communication

Communication is key in ensuring your workforce remains productive, and a mobile workforce gives your employees more flexibility to communicate effectively with their customers and colleagues wherever they are.

What are 5 benefits uses of an office with mobile technology? ›

Here are just a few examples of how mobile technology can fuel productive remote working:
  • Accessing communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Hotspotting to utilise tablets and laptops for productivity on the go.
  • Multi-factor authentication apps for secure access of business data, documents and information.
Jan 26, 2023

What is the biggest benefit of mobile cloud for mobile system? ›

Benefits of Mobile Cloud Computing

Therefore, mobile applications can be built and updated faster. Mobile cloud computing shares resources. Mobile apps that run off the cloud aren't constrained by any mobile device's processing and storage limitations. All data-intensive processes can run from the cloud.

What is the purpose of using smartphone? ›

1 Although they were originally meant to allow individuals to communicate via phone and email, smartphones now allow people to access the internet, play games, and send text messages in addition to making phone calls and sending emails.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using smart phone? ›

Human life has changed and become much faster thanks to the smartphone.
  • Connect with Social Media. A mobile phone in today's world does several tasks besides just being a phone. ...
  • Easy Communication. ...
  • Good for Business Use. ...
  • Helpful in Emergency. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Entertainment. ...
  • Good for Security. ...
  • The leak of Security and Privacy.

What is the importance of smartphone usage? ›

Those early phones were only able to send and receive email, make simple calls, send faxes, and do a few other, very limited functions. Today, cellular phones do it all. Not only can you send texts, emails, and make calls, you have access to a full menu of computer capabilities as well.

What is the most important when it comes to phone communication? ›

Be Enthusiastic and Speak Clearly

These are two of the most basic and essential skills you need when handling a call. It is important to convince the other person that you are happy to be speaking with them. To do so, you should be taking every call with a smile and energy in your voice.

How mobile phone is the most effective communication device? ›

Overall, cellphones have made communication more readily available; you can pick up your phone and instantly text or call someone almost anywhere in the world, provided they have cell reception available.

How cell phones impact communication among people? ›

Decreased Communication Skills:

Although cell phones also have opened the door to be able to communicate in different ways (text message, social media messaging, photos, etc.), they have also hurt live interactions because people are constantly on their phones or checking them which detracts from the present moment.

What are 3 benefits of having an increase of technology in the workplace? ›

It can provide higher-quality products or services, enhance customer service and the user experience, and reduce waste while improving productivity for higher profit margins. All in all, properly utilizing technology in the workplace creates a competitive advantage.

How do smartphones affect workplace productivity? ›

Cell phones affect the workplace by creating both more connection and more distraction. Workers can use cell phones to stay connected to clients, coworkers, and supervisors no matter where they may be, increasing productivity. However, they can also use them to distract themselves from doing their work.

What is the impact of smartphones on work productivity? ›

Too much workplace smartphone usage can lower productivity. In extreme cases, using mobile devices on the job can lead to workplace accidents that cause damage, injury or death. Striking a balance between productivity-boosting and productivity-draining smartphone usage starts with offering other types of breaks.

How can technology boost productivity in your business? ›

Technology can help improve productivity in a number of ways, whether it's by automating tasks or by managing projects more effectively to free employee mental bandwidth. But be sure to consider the impact of implementing any technological tools.

How to use modern technology in business success? ›

10 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business
  1. Manage Projects More Easily, Effectively, and Efficiently. ...
  2. Make Use of Productivity Apps. ...
  3. Benefit from Web-Based Payments. ...
  4. Make Use of Backup Software. ...
  5. Measure User Engagement. ...
  6. Make Use of Twitter to Gain New Customers. ...
  7. Better Marketing Campaigns. ...
  8. Improved Customer Service.
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Communication today is instantaneous with the help of social media, emails and text messaging. We can send a message and receive a response in seconds. Digital communication also allows us to share photos, videos and stories instantly.

What is the biggest advantage of communication technologies within the workplace? ›

Communication tools.

This technology helps employees communicate with both on-site and remote folks. This can include chat, video conferencing, and project management tools. Some companies also leverage more advanced technology, like virtual whiteboards and tools that enable telepresence.

Why is modern technology important in the workplace? ›

Technology helps in keeping the business fully organized. Systems like Project Management Software help in building, delegating, reviewing, and assessing a task. Employers and managers can easily supervise workplace activities that help in keeping everything on track.

What features are needed in mobile to make it a business solution? ›

Developing a mobile app is about figuring out what makes your users tick and constantly evaluating and assessing how your design meets those needs. These five features—simplicity, speed, offline capabilities, feedback systems, and analytics—can help your business do just that.

What is mobile communication technology? ›

A form of technology-mediated communication that enables the user of a mobile device to communicate with someone in a different location, for example, texting from a cell phone and sending email from a WiFi-equipped computer device (e.g., laptop, iPad).

What are the advantages of integrating mobile computing for a business? ›


Improved efficiency and responsiveness: Mobile computing can optimize logistics and optimize processes, enabling your company to respond to requests in real-time.

What are the different purposes of communication? ›

Communication serves five major purposes: to inform, to express feelings, to imagine, to influence, and to meet social expectations. Each of these purposes is reflected in a form of communication.

Why are communication is important? ›

In our daily life, communication helps us build relationships by allowing us to share our experiences, and needs, and helps us connect to others. It's the essence of life, allowing us to express feelings, pass on information and share thoughts. We all need to communicate.

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1) The primary advantage of a mobile phone is that you can talk to anyone from anywhere. 2) It is key to enjoy various social media platforms. 3) Mobile phones are a great source of entertainment like watching movies or playing games. 4) Most of the booking can be done online using mobile phones.

What are the benefits of technology on productivity? ›

6 Ways Technology Increases Productivity [Updated]
  • Automates and Systematizes Workflows and Processes. ...
  • Keeps Lines of Communication Open. ...
  • Enables more strategic planning and time management. ...
  • Simplifies setting and meeting goals. ...
  • Allows for better concentration. ...
  • Facilitates continuous education.
Feb 1, 2022

How technology change affects productivity? ›

The effect of technological change on productivity

Technology has improved labour productivity as well. One of the metrics used to measure productivity is to calculate the work done by labour per hour. Thanks to technological change, with an efficient system, the per hour output of labour has increased.

What effect has technology had on productivity? ›

Organization. Technology can help to organize every task that you need to complete and improve productivity along the way. Technology will minimize your employees taking unnecessary steps or getting overwhelmed with all the tasks they have to complete.

What are the four 4 primary benefits of using cloud services? ›

Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Faster time to market. You can spin up new instances or retire them in seconds, allowing developers to accelerate development with quick deployments. ...
  • Scalability and flexibility. ...
  • Cost savings. ...
  • Better collaboration. ...
  • Advanced security. ...
  • Data loss prevention.

Which of the 7 benefits of cloud computing is the most important? ›

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility Using Any Device. One of the topmost advantages of cloud computing is its ability to provide anytime, anywhere accessibility using any device for example, cloud data warehouse provides a way of storing and managing large amounts of data and lets you quickly access and use your data.

What are 5 benefits that cloud computing can bring to the Organisation? ›

These benefits can include:

Unrivalled cyber security. An increase in flexibility and scalability. Experience a positive shift in staff productivity and increased collaboration. Take advantage of continuous software updates.

What is mobile communication and its benefits? ›

Mobile Communication is the use of technology that allows us to communicate with others in different locations without the use of any physical connection (wires or cables). Mobile communication makes our life easier, and it saves time and effort.

What is the importance of mobile phone communication? ›

Mobile communication has the capability to include every employee for a more robust, well-informed business model. Instead of being out of the loop, both desk-based employees and the mobile workforce can stay in constant communication thanks to wireless networks and mobile platforms.

Why is it important to have great phone communication? ›

Having good phone etiquette plays a large part in maintaining a strong connection with your customers and ensuring an air of professionalism. Good phone etiquette can separate you from the rest of the market and encourage customers to call back once more.

What is the importance of communication through phone? ›

This can make the difference between misunderstanding and reassurance, helping the customer to make a connection with the person, and with the company they represent. Phone conversations also allow for small talk and follow-ups that email chains don't, helping a rapport to build.

What are the benefits of a cellular network to a business? ›

Smartphones and other mobile devices give workers access to the internet, mobile business applications, wireless ordering, billing and online buying, email accounts and other services. This gives them much greater flexibility - allowing them to continue working remotely.

What is an example of a mobile communication technology? ›

Mobile communication systems include a radiotelephone that can work while travelling at any speed, is battery powered, and is small enough to be carried by a person. Public land radio, Mobile two-way radio, amateur (HAM) radio, and mobile telephone are all examples of cellular communication technologies.

What is most important in phone communication? ›

Be Enthusiastic and Speak Clearly

These are two of the most basic and essential skills you need when handling a call. It is important to convince the other person that you are happy to be speaking with them. To do so, you should be taking every call with a smile and energy in your voice.

What is mobile communication in simple words? ›

Mobile communication describes the use of various technological systems in order to communicate while one is away from a fixed location. Mobile communication has been the focus of scholarly work since around 2000 (Green and Haddon, 2009).

What is the most important aspect of phone communication? ›

A friendly tone of voice is one of the most important things when it comes to communicating successfully on the phone and practicing good phone etiquette. Practicing this tone of voice will help you when you need it most.

What is effective communication? ›

Effective communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and data so that the message is received and understood with clarity and purpose. When we communicate effectively, both the sender and receiver feel satisfied.

How can I improve my communication skills over the phone? ›

Here are some tips we can all use to enhance our telephone communication skills.
  1. Speak slowly and clearly, and don't use medical jargon. ...
  2. Listen actively. ...
  3. Develop rapport. ...
  4. Give each call your full attention to help the patient know you are listening. ...
  5. Be clear about the plan.

What are the skills in communication? ›

Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathizing. It's also helpful to understand the differences in how to communicate through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations and digital communications, like email and social media.


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