Is Microsoft PL-300 exam hard? - Blog (2023)

Anyone who wants to begin their career in Microsoft Power BI has to go through the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) exam. However, there have been several changes made to the new PL-300 exam after the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam. As we know, understanding Power BI’s workings and the methods that set inexperienced users apart from them was the main goal of the DA-100. The DA-100 exam has been replaced with a new exam, PL-300, as part of Microsoft’s redesign of its examinations, in which the old suite of exams was discontinued in favor of role-oriented certifications and a focus on Azure.

To understand the level of modifications, difficulty, and skill for the PL-300 exam, below we will be covering all the major areas to get clarity in passing this exam with a good score.

What is the Microsoft PL-300 Exam?

The Microsoft PL-300 exam is intended especially for:

  • Power BI data analyst who uses available data and subject expertise to deliver meaningful insights.
  • The Power BI data analyst determines business needs by consulting with significant stakeholders from a variety of sectors, cleans and transforms the data, and then utilizes Power BI to build data models.
  • Furthermore, a Power BI data analyst with deployment and configuration capabilities enables others to execute self-service analyses and offers significant business value through easily comprehensible data visualizations.
  • Candidates should also be comfortable writing DAX expressions and Power Query queries in order to pass this test.
Exam format:

In order to get a quick overview of the exam, it’s essential to be well-prepared for every certification exam. In other words, PL-300 exam details enable you to better understand the structure and format of the examination.

  • Number of questions: 40-60 questions
  • Exam cost: $165 USD
  • Questions types: Multiple choice, build list, case studies, and additionally, it includes the introductory screens and instructions
  • Passing score: 700
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Italian

Is the PL-300 exam difficult to pass?

It’s difficult to pass the exam unless you previously work for a company that has implemented Power BI and are familiar with the deployment and asset maintenance procedures. This indicates that if you like to analyze data and use Power BI to find and uncover data insights, this certification could be suitable for you. This is particularly true if you utilize those insights to create clear data visualizations that may contribute to the success of your team and company.

Furthermore, you will be the best fit for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) exam if you are someone who has:

  • A fundamental grasp of data repositories and data processes, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • The Ability to use Power BI to help businesses get the most out of their data assets.
  • Already worked towards certifications like:
    • MCSA: BI Reporting
    • MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development
  • Skills for creating scalable data models, cleaning and converting data, and providing sophisticated analytical capabilities that add real value to the business.
  • Experience to work together with important stakeholders from different industries to give pertinent insights based on established business needs.

To get a meaningful pathway, below we will go step by step to learn about the various methods and training resources you can use to pass the PL-300 Exam.

Microsoft PL-300 Preparation Pathway

Is Microsoft PL-300 exam hard? - Blog (1)

1. Go through the Exam Course Outline

For the Microsoft PL-300 exam, understanding the key concepts and domains using the test topics is essential. Exam objectives can help you study and comprehend the differences more effectively. This lists the objectives, test domains, and weightings for the exam. However, the following are the topics for the PL-300 exam:

1. Prepare the data (15–20%)

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  • Get data from different data sources
  • Clean, transform and load the data

2. Model the data (30–35%)

  • Design a data model
  • Develop a data model
  • Create model calculations by using DAX
  • Optimize model performance

3. Visualize and analyze the data (25–30%)

  • Create reports
  • Create dashboards
  • Enhance reports for usability and storytelling
  • Identify patterns and trends

4. Deploy and maintain assets (20–25%)

  • Manage files and datasets
  • Manage workspaces

2. Gain Practical Experience

Utilize the abilities you’ve learned in your organization in order to gain practical experience. Try generating your own work reports to ensure that the tasks are properly allocated. Connect with professionals to help you or start working on their tasks with them. Make a to-do list to keep track of the things you must do before taking the Microsoft PL-300 test. You will improve your abilities and knowledge in relation to the exam topics by doing this. This consists:

  • Working on data analysis and visualization project using Power BI.
  • Follow a Power BI data analyst around.
  • Completing more Microsoft Docs training.
  • Using Power BI Learning catalog for training.

3. Use the effective Instructor-led Training

Microsoft offers instructor-led training for the PL-300 exam. This include:

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

  • This course will cover a variety of approaches and best practices for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI that are in line with both business and technical needs.
  • Additionally, the course will demonstrate how to access and use data from various data sources, including relational and non-relational data.
  • Thirdly, the effective implementation of security standards and guidelines throughout the whole Power BI spectrum, including datasets and groups, will also be covered in this session.
  • Lastly, the management and deployment of reports and dashboards for sharing and content distribution will also be covered in the course.

Audience Profile:

  • The target audience for this course is business intelligence and data professionals who are interested in learning how to correctly analyze data with Power BI.
  • Furthermore, this course is also intended for professionals who create data-visualization reports using data platform technologies that are available both on-premises and in the cloud.

4. Grasp concepts more accurately with Microsoft Learning Paths

Microsoft offers learning pathways that are organized down into sections and contain the necessary information to assist you in understanding and learning as you get prepared to take the PL-300 exam. Learning paths for Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) exam are:

– Get started with Microsoft data analytics


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You will study the skills, tasks, and procedures data analysts use to make a story with their data so that reliable business choices may be made in this learning path. You will discover how a data analyst uses the Power BI tool and service package to create reports and dashboards that tell a compelling story, as well as the necessity of genuine BI in the workplace.

Modules in this learning path:

  • Learn about data analysis
  • Start creating with Power BI now:
– Prepare data for analysis


As you learn to extract data from various data sources and select a storage mode and connectivity type, you will investigate Power Query. However, in order to prepare your data for modeling, you will learn how to profile, clean, and import data into Power BI.

Modules in this learning path:

  • Power BI data collection
  • Power BI- clean, transform and load data
– Model data in Power BI


You will discover how to create a data model that is user-friendly, efficient, and straightforward to maintain in this subject. You will gain knowledge of creating measurements using the DAX language. Moreover, you can come up with a wide range of analytical solutions with the aid of those measurements. You’ll also discover how to enhance the efficiency of your Power Query data retrieval jobs.

Modules in this learning path:

  • Power BI- create a data model
  • An introduction to using DAX to create measurements in Power BI
  • Enhance a model’s functionality in Power BI
– Visualize data in Power BI


You will discover in this section when to employ which graphic to address which issue. Additionally, you’ll study report formatting and design. You will also learn how to leverage Power BI’s report navigation to construct an engaging, data-driven tale.

(Video) DA 100 Pros & Cons | PL 300 Pros & Cons | Is Power BI Certification Worth It? 💲💲💲

Modules in this learning path:

  • Making use of Power BI visualizations
  • Using Power BI reports, develop a data-driven story
  • Power BI dashboard creation
  • Make reports that are paginated
– Data analysis in Power BI


In this, you will carefully evaluate your data and Power BI reports before doing a more in-depth analysis to extract value. Additionally, you will discover how to organize data and deliver the report coherently. You will discover how to export data from Power BI and obtain a statistical summary of your data. Further, you will apply and carry out advanced analytics on the report to gain deeper and more insightful data understanding.

Modules in this learning path:

  • Analyze data in Power BI
  • Work with Power BI’s AI visuals
– Manage workspaces and datasets in Power BI


You will discover how to build workspaces in the Power BI service in this Learning Path. Here, you will share and deploy your Power BI artifacts with your users. A connection between Power BI reports and on-premise data sources will also be covered. Moreover, you will set up automatic refresh for your Power BI datasets since you know your users will love seeing the most recent data in your reports.

Modules in this learning path:

  • Power BI- create and manage workspaces
  • Power BI- manage datasets by
  • Activate row-level security

5. Make revision stronger with Practice Exam tests

To advance and level up your preparation, it is crucial to take practice exams. With the help of these tests, you may evaluate yourself and discover your areas of strength and weakness. But getting the best Microsoft PL-300 practice tests is the most important step. There are several PL-300 study materials out there that provide original exam practice questions. However, in order to get the best practice examinations, you must do better research.

6. Be part of Microsoft Community discussions

Join the Microsoft community to discuss best practices and gain access to the most recent Microsoft exam information. You may get assistance from these forums with everything from technical support to help & education on relevant topics. Further, group discussions with subject-matter specialists about your queries will help you keep updated about exam modifications.

Still, getting doubts about the PL-300 exam?

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7. Use basic certifications to enhance your skills

To get more confidence before appearing for the PL-300 exam, try to prepare and master the basic level of Microsoft certification.

– Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)

You could be a great candidate for the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics Fundamentals (CRM) certification if you’d want to:

  • Recognize the fundamental features of the Dynamic 365 customer engagement applications.
  • Verify your knowledge of Dynamics 365.
  • Showcase your knowledge of business operations and consumer interaction.
  • Demonstrate competency with Dynamics 365’s client engagement features.

Exam requirement: MB-910: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)

– Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)

You could be a good candidate for the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics Fundamentals (ERP) certification if you’d want to:

  • Verify that you comprehend the platform’s foundational concepts.
  • Showcase your thorough knowledge of Dynamics 365’s apps.
  • Show a better grasp of corporate finance and operations and highlight your knowledge of how Dynamics 365 may interface with a variety of apps.

Exam requirement: MB-920: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)

– Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals

You could be a good candidate for the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals certification if you’d want to:

  • Show that you have experience using the Microsoft Power Platform to develop solutions.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge by using Power Automate to automate common business operations and by building straightforward Power Apps experiences.
  • Emphasize your knowledge by creating useful chatbots using Power Virtual Agents and doing data analysis with Power BI.

Exam requirement: PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

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Final Words

Using the study materials listed above, you can master the test topics for the Microsoft PL-300 Certification. Make a study plan so you can complete each topic on time, review it again, and then take a break. You must schedule your study time. To enhance your skills enough to pass the test, start working as a data analyst on projects or volunteer to assist build a project. This will improve your planning and creation of scalable data models and help you gain real experience with Power BI Tools.


How hard is the Microsoft PL-300 exam? ›

Is PL-300 Easy? No, it's not easy at all. You could pass DA-100 by dabbling with Power BI, creating a few reports, and publishing them to the web. But as I mentioned above, PL-300 also requires candidates to know how to build and deploy real-world solutions—which is the hard part.

How many attempts are there in PL-300 exam? ›

Exam Retake Policy

Only five times can a candidate reappear for the examination. If you fail your second attempt, you will have to wait 14 days before rescheduling your third attempt. The fourth and fifth tries will also have a 14-day waiting period.

Is pl300 worth it? ›

But here are a few more reasons why you should take the PL-300 exam: After obtaining Microsoft certifications, 23% of data science professionals saw a 20% increase in pay. Furthermore, A Microsoft Power BI certified data analyst can expect to earn $91,000 per year.

Is PL-300 proctored? ›

The exam is proctored by Pearson VUE and you can take it online in the comfort of your own home or at a local testing center.

What is the pass mark for PL-300 exam? ›

Passing score: 700.

What is the most difficult professional certification exam? ›

  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) in India. ...
  • Mensa. ...
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) ...
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) ...
  • CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) ...
  • GATE Exam (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) ...
  • USMLE Exam (United States Medical Licensing Examination) ...
  • 10. California Bar Exam.
Dec 20, 2022

What is the validity of PL-300 exam? ›

The certification is only valid for a year before it needs to be renewed, however, so if you want that Data Analyst LinkedIn profile to be in tip-top shape then you will need to contend with PL-300 eventually.

What is the validity of PL-300 certification? ›

Taking this into consideration, all required exams must be passed before 12 AM GMT on Jun 30, 2021, for certifications to remain valid for two years from the date they were earned; if the required exam(s) are passed after 12 AM GMT on June 30, 2021, certifications will be valid for 1-year from the date they were earned ...

Is Microsoft certificate worth it? ›

That's what makes Microsoft Certification so valuable. It demonstrates that you're proficient in the specific, real-world skills associated with recognized industry roles. It verifies that you know how to apply technical knowledge to solve today's business challenges.

How long does pl300 take to dry? ›

Fast and easy to use, Loctite PL 300's high grab reduces the need for fasteners and sets in 20-minutes and fully cures in 7-days. This unique formula provides a strong, durable bond to multiple surfaces and will bridge minor gaps when bonding irregular surfaces without attacking or burning through foamboard.

Does the PL 300 exam have labs? ›

After you launch the exam, you will answer all of the traditional questions (for example, multiple choice, drag and drop, build list, etc.) on the exam as the labs load. The lab(s) will be the last section of the exam. Kindly visit the FAQs for more information so that you can plan your exam time accordingly.

What are the advantages of PL 300 certification? ›

PL-300 Certification Benefits

26 per cent of technical professionals say getting certified led to career promotion, and 35 per cent say getting certified led to a compensation or wage boost. Certification leads to a significant increase in both career opportunities and earnings.

How to crack PL 300 certification? ›

We recommend you move step-by-step to make the most out of this guide!
  1. Step 1: Properly go through the exam course outline. ...
  2. Step 2: Redefine your tasks. ...
  3. Step 3: Go for instructor-led training. ...
  4. Step 4: Get a better understanding of concepts with Microsoft learning paths. ...
  5. Step 5: Make a habit of taking practice tests daily.
Oct 3, 2022

Can the proctor see your screen on ProctorU? ›

At the time of your exam, you will connect by video chat with a proctor at ProctorU who will check your identity and help you through the exam process. They will be able to see your screen as you take the exam and help with any technical difficulties.

Can ProctorU see my desk? ›

Camera Pan: Your proctor will ask you to show the 4 walls of your room as well as your desk space via your webcam. You may or may not also be asked to show your computer monitor by using a mirror or cellphone camera.

How much Mark is a 70 pass? ›

36% of the maximum marks is required to pass a test.

Is 70 a pass mark? ›

In general in every exam passing marks are decided by the authorities. But mostly the passing marks are 35%-40% of the maximum marks. In your case out of 70 marks the passing marks should be 28 marks that is 40% of 70.

Is the pass mark out of 40? ›

the passing marks out of 40 in cbse board is 13 marks. the passing marks is the minimum marks a student should get in order to promote . in CBSE boards, a student of class 10 and 12 must acquire 33% of total mark in order to promote.

Which is the 2 toughest exam in the world? ›

IIT JEE exam has been ranked the toughest in India and second toughest in the world in the list. The platform has assessed that the acceptance rates in IITs are at about 1 per cent, which makes it the second toughest exam in the world.

Which is the No 1 toughest exam? ›

List of Top 10 Toughest Exams in India
  • UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • IIT- JEE.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • NEET UG.
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • National Defence Academy (NDA)
  • Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)

What is the hardest certification in the world? ›

What is the hardest exam in the world? Master Sommelier Diploma Exam is considered as the toughest and hardest exam in the world and is a wine-tasting test for expert winemakers.

How can I take PL 300 exam for free? ›

By completing one challenge within the Microsoft Build Cloud Skills Challenge – May 2022, eligible individuals are entitled to one free Microsoft Certification exam.

How many times can you take the SAFe Agile exam? ›

How many attempts will I have to upgrade to SAFe 5.0? You will have two free attempts to take and pass the upgrade exam. If an additional attempt / third attempt is required, the standard exam retake fee will apply.

Is PL 200 exam difficult? ›

The PL-200 exam has 40-50 questions, with an 'average' difficulty level. You have 180 minutes to write the exam, including 30 minutes for feedback. You need about 70% to pass the exam (a score of 700).

Is PL 100 exam worth? ›

Using PL-100 to Learn Skills

For those who would like to find a position in a process improvement team using Power Apps, studying for the PL-100 certification would be a good way to learn the skills and prove your skills as an App Maker.

Does professional certification expire? ›

Most certifications are time-limited; some expire after a period of time (e.g., the lifetime of a product that required certification for use), while others can be renewed indefinitely as long as certain requirements are met.

Do Palo Alto certifications expire? ›

Palo Alto Certifications are valid for 2 years. Candidates can track the expiration date on a exam taken at a Pearson VUE test center by logging into CertMetrics and selecting the Certification page. For more information on CertMetrics, please click here.

What happens if I fail a Microsoft certification? ›

If you don't pass an exam the first time, you must wait 24 hours before retaking it. A 14-day waiting period is imposed between all subsequent attempts (up to 5). You may not take a given exam more than five (5) times within a 12-month period from the first attempt.

What is the highest paid Microsoft certification? ›

1. AZ-305 Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. According to the Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Salary Survey, this is one of the highest-paying certifications. Azure Solutions Architect Expert, AZ-305, is an expert-level certification.

Do employers care about Microsoft certifications? ›

Microsoft is used not only by individuals but also by companies. Therefore, most companies value Microsoft certification and consider certified professionals more than non-certified counterparts.

What temperature should a PL 300 be? ›

For best results, the adhesive should be applied between 15°C (59°F) to 32°C (90°F). Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of frost, grease, dust, release agents and other contaminants. Newly poured concrete must be allowed to cure 28 days before adhesive application.

Does PL stick to foam? ›

Compatible with all other foamboard insulation products, LePage PL 300 is a latex-based adhesive especially designed for bonding polystyrene foam to itself or to a variety of construction materials, including, but not limited to: wood, gypsum board, concrete and brick without compromising the insulation value of the ...

Is PL Premium hard to dry? ›

LePage PL Premium Max is our strongest, most durable construction adhesive that remains 100% solid after curing thanks to the unique high solid content adhesive technology.

Which Microsoft certification is best for data analyst? ›

Recommended content
  • Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI - Certifications. ...
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate - Certifications.
  • Exam 70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI - Certifications. ...
  • MCSA: BI Reporting - Certifications.
Sep 22, 2022

How long does it take to learn power query? ›

How Long Does it Take to Learn Power BI?
Steps to Learn Power BIEstimated Timeline to Learn
Learning and using DAX functions (daily 2 DAX functions)30-40 days
Creating insights and dashboards in Power BI Service2-3
Learning the Power BI gateway1
Total58 days (Around 2 months)
5 more rows
May 6, 2022

What are the disadvantages of PL? ›

PL/SQL Disadvantages

It uses high memory for storage. Roles of front-end developer and back-end developer cannot be fully separated. Lacks debugging functionality.

How do I pass my cost professional certification? ›

The candidate needs to score 70% marks in order to clear the AACE Certified Cost Professional (CCP) exam. For CCP, you must also pass your technical paper to pass the overall exam. The exam will be Closed Book – onscreen formula sheet(s) will be available for use.

How useful is Oracle certification? ›

Yes, the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate is definitely worth it for database administrators. In fact, even if you don't work with Oracle database servers and don't expect to throughout your entire career, the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate is still worth it.

Is the LPI exam hard? ›

The LPI Essential 010-160 exam is of intermediate difficulty. It will assist you in obtaining the Linux Essentials certification. Furthermore, based on your skills, this certification exam will provide you with good career opportunities. If you are well prepared, you will have a better chance.

Is the Microsoft Office Specialist exam hard? ›

Microsoft certification exams are usually hard, really hard. They are generally not very fun to take. The exams dive into minutia, asking questions that people with years of experience can't answer. Every question is a trick question so they are pretty hard to guess at.

How hard is the Project Management Professional exam? ›

The PMP exam is known for being hard, but PMI doesn't disclose specific statistics about the passing score or failure rate. Some project expert surveys estimate the failure rate at around 40-50%, meaning only about half of the first-time test takers pass the PMP exam.

Is PCAP exam hard? ›

It was actually quite difficult. I know that many developers eschew certifications, but the tech industry seems to think they're great and there is a lot of gatekeeping regarding them. And my employer actually reimburses all training and exam fees that we undertake.

How to pass LPI Essentials? ›

To pass the Linux Essentials exam, candidates will need to know a few things. You must have sufficient knowledge of Linux and its major components to pass the LPI 010-160 exam. You must understand how the fundamental elements of Linux work together and how to use simple commands at the command line.

Does LPI certification expire? ›

Linux Essentials is a lifetime certification, and the higher levels all remain valid for five years. LPI doesn't offer in-house training options, but lists several approved third-party training providers, who offer both online and in-person instruction.

Is LPI Essentials worth it? ›

The certification covers a variety of topics, including system administration, networking, and security. Earning this certificate can help you in many different job roles, such as system administrator, network administrator, and security analyst. The Linux Essentials certification is well worth the investment!

How many times can you fail a Microsoft exam? ›

You may not take a given exam more than five (5) times within a 12-month period from the first attempt. If you failed the exam 5 times, you'll be eligible to retake it again 12 months from the date of your first attempt.

What is the minimum passing score in Microsoft exam? ›

All technical exam scores are reported on a scale of 1 to 1,000 and are scaled such that the passing score is 700. Others like Microsoft Office exam passing score varies from exam to exam and is provided on the score report.

What is a good score on Microsoft certification exam? ›

A passing score is 700 or greater. As this is a scaled score, it may not equal 70% of the points. A passing score is based on the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate competence as well as the difficulty of the questions.

How many people fail the PMP test the first time? ›

The PMP® exam is complex, and when considering the pass rate (around 40-50% of candidates fail on the first attempt) and the first-time pass rate (about 20%), it's clear that passing this exam is not easy. But with proper preparation, you can be one of the 20% who will pass on the first try.

What percentage of people fail PMP exam? ›

Based on statistical data, around 40-50% of PMP® candidates fail in passing the PMP® exam. Some even require more than two attempts to pass it, but that's mostly a rare occurrence. Based on the data, it's safe to conclude that the PMP® exam failure rate can indeed be high.

Can you pass the PMP in 30 days? ›

The PMP exam requires much preparation, so it is crucial to plan how much time you will need for adequate preparation. However, if, for whatever reason, you find yourself with 30 days or less to prepare for your exam, I have good news for you. It is possible to pass the PMP exam with one month of preparation.

Can you get a job with PCAP? ›

Having a PCAP certification on your resume always proves your Python language knowledge to employers, which helps you grab a job compared to a non-certified candidate.

Is PCAP certification easy? ›

It is Easy

If you want to begin programming, this is the core reason to pass the PCAP-31–03 exam. Python is easy to learn, and it can work as a way to understand other frameworks and languages. You'll want to start with something easy to conquer as a new learner.

How long does it take to study for PCAP? ›

In Short: 1 Month Of Preparation and 2 Weeks of Practice Tests.


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