The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (2023)

Find the best proxy server provider for your needs with our comprehensive catalogue. Compare top providers for privacy, censorship bypass, and restricted content access. Choose the perfect solution for a secure and fast internet connection.

The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (1)


Asocks is a trusted proxy provider that offers residential and mobile proxies, one price for all – perfect for multi accounting. ASocks provides worldwide coverage with almost 200 countries available.

The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (2)

Coronium offers 4G mobile proxies from various locations with a high level of IP trust. They fit well for multi-accounting and web scraping where trusted IPs are required. Users can build their own proxy farms,…

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PrivateProxy offers HTTP/HTTPS IPv4 proxy services with options for static and rotating proxies. They provide instant delivery and customer support. Customers have access to a pool of IP addresses.

The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (4)


AstroProxy is a provider of residential, mobile, and rotating datacenter proxies with a focus on affordability and flexibility. Based in Cyprus, they offer a growing list of locations and are suitable for small businesses and…

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The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy provides access to proxies with a variety of types and locations, including the US, UK, Germany, Israel, and Austria. They offer a proxy service for online privacy and security.

The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (7)


Explore NetNut, a provider of residential and datacenter proxies. Consider factors such as pricing, proxy types, and notable features to make an informed decision.

The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (8)

Bright Data

BrightData provides proxy services, including servers, APIs, a scraper, and pre-collected data. They offer 72 million residential IPs from 195 countries with options for payment and acceptable use policy. The company also provides tools for…

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The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (9)


Learn about GeoSurf, a proxy provider with over 3 million residential proxies in 130+ countries. Our informational page covers their subscription-based pricing, features like a premium static network and city targeting, and suitability for businesses.…

The Best Proxy Server Providers List of 2023 | Paid & Free (10)


Explore the features of Smartproxy, a top-tier proxy provider. With a range of datacenter and residential proxies, advanced tools, and 24/7 support, Smartproxy is a popular choice. Our informational page provides you with all the…

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Proxy Server Providers

There are a few key factors that determine whether a proxy server provider is one of the best, including the size and quality of their proxy pool, the range of features offered (such as automatic rotation, location targeting, and protocol support), the level of customer support provided, and the overall cost-effectiveness of their service.

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Before selecting a proxy server provider, it’s important to consider your specific use case, whether you need a datacenter or residential proxy, which locations you require, and your budget. Research and compare the offerings of multiple providers to see which one best aligns with your needs.

Free proxy servers are generally not recommended, as they often come with significant limitations or drawbacks. These can include slow speeds, lack of support or reliability, and the risk of exposing your personal data to malicious actors.

The number of proxy servers needed depends on a variety of factors, including the size and scope of your project, the number of tasks you need to complete simultaneously, and the level of geographic and IP diversity required. As a general rule, it’s best to start with a small number of high-quality proxies and scale up as needed.

Yes, proxy servers can be used to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that’s not available in your country. By connecting to a proxy server in another location, you can make it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from that location, allowing you to access geo-blocked content.

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